Accessing the Hidden Job Market

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Career Development (Employees), News

Have you heard of the “Hidden Job Market” and wondered what does that mean? The hidden job market is a concept where some employers will source their applicants using word of mouth or networking events and never post their job openings to the public. There is an abundance of jobs on the market that you never even hear about because they were filled through the hidden job market.

If it’s hidden, how can you tap into this as an employee? There are several methods to get your name and skill sets known in your community. You can register with a sourcing or employment agency; you can network at events in your industry; you can volunteer and so much more. Here are some insights into using the resources around you to find your next career position:

Sourcing/Employment Agency
When using a sourcing or employment agency, you gain access to clients that use that type of service as their sole recruitment source. They do not have the time or the manpower to do their human resource tasks and depend on employment services to do the recruiting for them. Their openings are filled by candidates who have interviewed and are registered with the agency. Opportunities can range from temporary to full-time and in a variety of industries and wage ranges. Do you have to accept the positions a service have available to you? No. Registering with an employment service does not limit you to only the positions currently available. It allows you to give them the information on what you are looking for and allows them to learn more about you so that when “the right one” comes along they have all your information to call you to discuss the opportunity.

Networking at public workshops and other events within your industry can help you meet people in influential positions. If you are participating in discussions during these workshops, you are allowing people to get to know you in an informal and relaxed setting. If you make a good impression with someone, when they have a position that becomes available they may just think back to the day they met you. Taking it a step further, if you exchange contact information then they are able to call you or send you information on a potential opening that you would be qualified for.

Volunteering can showcase your skills and personality in your chosen industry. It can also provide you necessary experience and skills to reach your next career goal. It is a great way of gaining the experience on the job that is required in many job postings. We have probably all been in the situation where we can’t get the job we want after finishing our education in a new industry because we don’t have the experience the job requires. Volunteering can become experience and also be very rewarding and fulfill a need in the community at the same time.

Employment services, networking and volunteering are keys to accessing the “hidden job market”. So if you haven’t gotten your name out there yet, what’s stopping you? Start planning today for a better career.

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Dana Soucie

Dana Soucie is the Recruiter (aka The Fit Finder) for our Stratford Office. She loves working with people and helping them discover new jobs and careers suited to their unique abilities. Outside of work Dana spends much of her time with family and friends, touring on the back of a Harley, volunteering in her local community and attending Sparta races.

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