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Connecting with job seekers in our local communities

At SRG, we’re all about helping people and building solid relationship in our communities. In 2014, we launched our Employment Partners Program, to help bridge some of the current labour market gaps. We partnered with local non-profit employment organizations to reach a larger group of job seekers, creating awareness, educating and assisting them in their employment search. Our program consists of free regular, interactive sessions, hosted by SRG, onsite at our partners’ facilities. We offer a variety of topics and allow job seekers to speak directly with an SRG representative, to learn more about current employment opportunities. Our network includes over 25 partners throughout southwestern Ontario, ranging from educational institutions to community resources and government agencies. Whether you’re a job seeker or a potential partner, the benefits of this program are endless.


Applicants secured employment opportunities
through SRG after attending workshops


myth vs fact

The Benefits of Working With SRG: Dispelling the Myths

Have you had a negative experience with a staffing service? Are you interested in working with a staffing service but not sure if it’s for you? Then this is the workshop you’ll want to attend. In this workshop we will explore the common misconceptions of working with a staffing service and dispel those myths one by one. You will learn more about how the staffing industry works, the difference between a Workforce Training & Development company and a staffing agency and how working with SRG can make a positive impact on your job search and your chance to gain a fulfilling career.

Socialize your job search

Socialize Your Job Search

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… so many avenues! Where to begin? Our ‘Socialize your Job Search’ workshop will introduce you to social media tools to help you increase the visibility, brand, and awareness of your resume and qualifications so you can best target the companies you want to work for. You’ll learn why it’s important to include social media in your job search tools, how to create a profile and how to effectively manage your profile, in order to promote your personal brand and increase your job search. If you currently don’t use social media for your job search or are new to social media and are looking for the best tools to help you manage your profile, then you won’t want to miss this workshop!

Upcoming Workshops

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Conestoga Career Centre (Stratford)
Socialize Your Job Search
November 24, 2015


Sheridan College (OAKVILLE)
Socialize Your Job Search
December 10, 2015


SRG is pleased to work with the following partners:

Kitchener Ontario and area

Conestoga College
YMCA (Cambridge)
YMCA (Kitchener)

London Ontario and area
Woodstock Ontario and area

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