We’re about people helping people.

We’re passionate about helping people. We believe that our Team Members offer a priceless contribution to our Clients, society and economy, so that’s why we take the time to invest in their success through training and mentorship. For over two decades we’ve provided career opportunities for thousands of people by helping them secure meaningful employment with top companies in the United States. We’re innovative and forward thinking, always in pursuit of new and creative ways to stay ahead of an ever shifting labor market. It’s what we do best. Today’s skills gap and other workforce challenges call for an approach that goes well beyond traditional staffing. That’s why we developed The Workforce Maximizer™, a unique model that provides customized strategies to capture every stage of the workforce lifecycle. We’re changing the industry as we know it by offering a flexible system and innovative training programs to help organizations maximize the performance of their contingent workers, providing them with Team Members armed with the skills and knowledge needed to ‘hit the ground running’.

Get a little insight into the story of SRG and what team members and clients have to say.

This video is about 15 minutes long; you might want to grab a coffee and get comfortable.

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