Simulated Manufacturing Skills Center

Preparing employees to ‘hit the ground running’

Imagine having a new employee start their first day on the job already familiar with the basic concepts of how a manufacturing facility works? Imagine the time saved on your end of the training? We can help with that. Our one of a kind simulated manufacturing Skills Center was developed by SRG to help companies minimize the training gap for individuals entering a workforce in assembly and manufacturing industries. The Skills Center is a premier testing and training tool comprised of a series of portable customized work stations. The system creates a simulated assembly/manufacturing work environment used to test, train and prepare potential team members with the skills needed to ‘hit the ground running’.



The design focuses around the basic principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS), including all aspects of the ‘lean manufacturing’ principles. The skills and philosophies taught based on these quality concepts are transferrable and can be adapted to any manufacturing environment. The Skills Center itself is a modular system that can be scaled for any manufacturing and production environment. Trained and qualified team members are ‘ready to work’, succeeding quickly on the job. Clients benefit from increased productivity, reduced turnover and a more engaged contingent workforce.


● New team members are equipped to start the job and prepared to ‘hit the ground running’

● Team members gain the knowledge and confidence to become experts in their area

● Skills taught can be applied to any manufacturing or automotive facility

● Ability to benchmark various positions and work areas to use as an effective tool for hiring

● Alleviates turnover

● Minimizes transition time from new employee to fully productive Team Member


● A flexible system that can be used as a pre-screen tool to assess hands-on abilities and competencies

● Enhance team members’ skills needed to work in an automotive manufacturing facility

● Introduce common manufacturing concepts such as standardized work and continuous improvement

● Utilize as a workforce training program to assess or train existing team members at your facility

● Used in all locations as part of our standard recruitment assessments

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