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The Great Divide:

Leading, Motivating, and Retaining
a Multigenerational Workforce

Managing today’s multigenerational workforce can be challenging. Every generation can hurl insults at any other in the workplace. You may have heard them, “The baby boomer generation is obsolete; it needs to retire already”, “Millennials are too self-centered to be trusted in team scenarios” or “Generation X has no vision.”

A cohesive, sustainable organization, however, must pull the best talent from every generation – and teach employees to work together. In fact, the best multigenerational workplaces leverage one another’s strengths to sustain competitive advantage.

In this special report, you’ll find:

  • News on multigenerational workforces: what’s changing?
  • Best practices for encouraging performance and retention in each generation
  • Tips for team building and mentoring across generations

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