Barb found her happy place and now the client wants to clone her

After working 7 years for the same company, Barb Koch decided she was ready for a change. She wanted to find a new job in a completely different industry but most of all she just wanted a happy place to work. She took the leap and quickly set out on her job search. Barb was able to land plenty of interviews but sadly none of them worked out for her suggesting she wasn’t the right fit.Thankfully that didn’t stop Barb because as she continued on with her search for the perfect job, she not only spotted one of our online job postings on Indeed, but she also came across a referral from a local employment centre leading her straight to SRG.

As soon as Barb came in for her application and met the team, she knew she came to the right place. Things went super-fast from there. From the time she dropped off her resume, completed the application process and interview with us, interviewed with our client and gave sufficient notice to her current employer, we had Barb starting in her new position in only 3 weeks and now she couldn’t be happier!

Thankful for the opportunity that SRG has given her, Barb credits SRG for the positive difference we made, giving her more confidence in herself and her abilities. “There is nothing you can’t do, you have to believe in yourself” says Barb. When asked what advice she would give to an SRG Team Member just starting out, Barb says, “stay focused and don’t give up, everything is possible”. Barb’s position, which started out on temporary basis, turned into a permanent position in no time at all. She found her happy place.

Our client who was so impressed with Barb that they have since asked us if we could clone her for another position they are looking to fill. Unfortunately we couldn’t find another Barb; she’s one of a kind!



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