Carol, an SRG alumni, reflects on how an entry level position grew into a lifetime career

Carol Heaman has enjoyed a fulfilling career as Assistant Manager of Human Resources for a leading automotive manufacturer, but it didn’t come without a lot of hard work and little advice early on. After the closure of a manufacturing company where Carol worked in HR very early in her career, she found herself working several temporary positions in the HR field with a local staffing company, but what she really desired was fulltime employment.

Finally her break came when SRG (back then known as 9 to 5 Personnel Services) contacted her for a maternity leave opening in payroll with our client, a top automotive manufacturer in her city. When asked about her first impression of SRG, here is what Carol had to say: “It wasn’t called SRG then; at that time it was 9 to 5 Personnel Services. Sherri was very “hands on” and involved in the interviewing process at that time. She was very personable and enthusiastic and enjoyed the work she was doing. She had some employees working in the office with her at that time that still work with her today, which says a lot!”

Shortly after starting her new position, Carol began to wonder if it was the right fit for her. She had been used to a different culture over the previous years and was feeling vulnerable and insecure. After discussing her concerns, Sherri encouraged her to give it a little more time before making a decision. Now, many years later, Carol can see it was good advice. “Sometimes you may go out of your comfort zone, and expectations may not be exactly as you plan initially, but that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt and grow, finding a new “comfort” and an experience that is even more rewarding and challenging.” Taking night school courses, Carol was able to achieve her Certified Human Resources Professional designation and was eventually promoted to Assistant Manager of Human Resources.

Carol and her employer still work very closely with SRG today. She feels that she has a personal connection with SRG. “Getting to know Sherri Stevens, as well as her team throughout the years, has solidified a bond more along the lines of a friendship. We have a relationship built on mutual honesty and respect.” “I can honestly say there is no other career like HR and it is all about the people!”

When asked what advice she’d give SRG Team Members just starting out, here is what Carol had to say: “Hard work and dedication do pay off. If you have a goal to reach, continue to do the work necessary to achieve that goal, whether it is through experience and/or education. Even if your goal may take years! If you are diligent, and do everything necessary, you will achieve it! Take the initiative and don’t rely on being given opportunities without having to put in some honest effort. Be patient as it takes time to achieve an accomplishment. Prove yourself and try to have a positive disposition with people around you.” “I am very grateful for the career I have. It wasn’t handed to me without putting in an honest effort, such as going to college on my own time and working hard each and every day. We all have to begin somewhere and then continue to build on those skills, in order to reach our full potential. Good Luck to each and every one of you!”


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