Working for a staffing service turned out to be a pleasant surprise for Lori

Lori McIntee admits that she had preconceived notions of what it would be like to work with a staffing service. But when she applied with SRG and was called to come in for her application process, she was pleasantly surprised. She soon discovered that the process wasn’t at all what she expected. “I thought I would fill out some papers and [you] would say ‘we’ll call you’. I didn’t expect all the testing and time spent in the hiring process”.

Not only was Lori impressed with the appointment, she was surprised at how quickly she was called for an employment opportunity with a client. Like many of our success stories at SRG, Lori’s position started out on a temporary basis and in only a few short months she was hired on by the client. Lori had never worked in a factory before in her life and now she has a full time job in an automotive facility.

Lori is very thankful for this opportunity and glad she took the step to apply with SRG, despite what she thought she knew about working with a staffing service. Lori has this advice that she would like to give to SRG Team Members just starting out at a client’s facility, “Stick it out and [do] not give up! It may feel different at first being an SRG team member – The permanent staff may look at you a little different and don’t know your ability to do the job. You are not a “temp”; you are a full time employee working at a client. You are an employee of SRG!” She has recommended many people to SRG and always says, “Stick it out, stick it out, stick it out!”

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