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Top 10 Reasons to Work for an Employment Service

Here are 10 great reasons you should consider working for a employment firm:

  1. Find work quickly.
    If you need a job now, a employment firm is a great place to start. When you apply, you will have immediate access to dozens of employment opportunities. Your account manager will help you decide which placements are right for your interests, experience and career goals.
  2. Employment firms have the inside track.
    Account Managers know their clients–specifically, they understand what an employer is looking for in an employee. As a result, your staffing consultant can share with you details about the employer’s corporate culture, interviewing style, decision-making “chain of command,” even pet peeves–all of which you wouldn’t otherwise know. When it comes to landing a job, this inside scoop gives you a definite advantage over your competition.
  3. Enjoy flexibility and freedom.
    Are you only available certain days or hours? Want to take summers off? If so, contract employment may be a perfect fit for you. Unlike a traditional 40-hour job, a contingent placement affords you greater control over your schedule. You can choose to work part- or full-time, in short-term, long-term, or contingent assignments.
  4. Find an avenue to full-time employment.
    For the career-minded job seeker, temporary placements provide a great way to “get a foot in the door” with a top employer. Often, an employer will extend an offer for direct employment to a temporary employee who performs well on-the-job.
  5. Access opportunities that may not be advertised.
    Good employment firms have leads on positions you may never hear about otherwise. In fact, some companies will use employment and recruiting firms to fill confidential positions that they don’t want to post publicly.
  6. Gain experience and exposure.
    If you’re fresh out of school, or starting in a new field, contingent assignments allow you to quickly build your résumé. As you develop new job skills, you’ll be qualified for an even greater range of placements–all while establishing valuable new career contacts. To boot, many employment firms have training facilities to enhance your skills.
  7. Try before you buy.
    Not sure if a particular line of work is for you? A contingent assignment is a great way to try out a job (or an employer) to see if you like it–before committing to a permanent position.
  8. Enjoy variety.
    If variety is the spice of your work life, you’re ideally suited for contingent work. Employment firms work with virtually every type of business and industry: nonprofits, Fortune 500’s, locally-owned businesses, government agencies; in fields as diverse as IT, healthcare, manufacturing and accounting. When you work as a contingent team member, you can work at any number of different companies, doing something new every week–all while working for the same employer!
  9. Get valuable career advice and feedback.
    When you work with a employment firm, you can take advantage of their wealth of job-seeking knowledge: resume writing tips; professional etiquette guidance; how to phrase answers to interview questions; even wardrobe advice. Bottom line, your staffing specialist can help you polish your image, so you’ll do your absolute best in your interview.
  10. It’s free.
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