Have you ever been in a meeting or out with associates and held back on a thought or idea you had? Were you scared of being wrong or laughed at? I used to be like that, but then I decided I would dare to be brave. I would speak up and be authentic to myself. I would dare to be wrong. And I haven’t looked back since.

The decision and effort to dare to be brave – it’s not about being conceited or showing off your talents. You are simply being true to yourself. When I decided that I would speak up and dare to be wrong, I came to the realization that this really helped me to develop my confidence and my true abilities. Of course sometimes I am wrong, but you know what else? Each time I am wrong, I learn something new and I grow in my knowledge and skills as a person. You know what else happened more often than anything else?  I was considered innovative and insightful or funny and creative and I started to inspire others to speak up and to dare to be brave.

  • Dare to share your opinion and ideas
  • Dare to be a leader
  • Dare to speak out against injustice
  • Dare to be insightful
  • Dare to be funny
  • Dare to be put yourself out there
  • Dare to be innovative
  • Dare to be creative
  • Dare to be your authentic self
  • Dare to be wrong and learn

I have become known around my workplace for speaking up; I even gained the nickname of Frank since I can often be a bit more direct than most people appreciate. Since I started to dare to put myself out there lots of other great things have happened to me professionally. I have been promoted, 3 times to be exact, and I contribute to the strategic planning and direction of the company. My ability to network has improved and I am a little less afraid of saying something that I didn’t intend to be funny. My work feels more impactful and meaningful since I decided to be brave.

Maybe today is the day you should dare to be brave. Give it a try and be true to yourself.

Jackie Beynen photoAbout the Author

Jackie Beynen
Jackie Beynen is the Director, Talent Acquisition & Client Services at SRG, overseeing all of our offices in North America. She spends much time analyzing our workforce trends and working closely with our Workforce Development Managers to best service our valued clients. She is actively involved in her community and enjoys traveling which she does several times a year.

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